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Certified Birkman Professional Trainings 2019

Working in Developing and Coaching People – New to Birkman

Both independent consultants as well as professionals within organisations attend Birkman certification training. Often people specialising in human resources, organisational development, coaching, training, and other fields, which focus on human capital, attend our courses, as well as others that have a passion for understanding personalities and behaviours.

Birkman Certified Professional (BCP)

The Birkman Signature Report is the first-ever core Birkman report It will be the focus of our new Signature Certification and the starting point for newly certified users. The Birkman Signature Report paints a rich picture of personality while cutting down on the amount of information that new users require. See a sample of the Signature Report.

Reasons to Attend:

• Gain access to certified-only reports
• Develop interpretation skills
• Earn Birkman Certified Professional credential
• Receive discounts on running questionnaires
• Join the Birkman network and community
• Positively impact lives with The Birkman Method

What it Covers:

• Birkman Signature Report
• Birkman Map
• Birkman Interests
• Birkman Components
• Career data
• Sharing feedback 

Certification Training Price £2,300 + VAT*

The workshop will qualify you, for life, as a Birkman Certified Professional

2019 Workshops:

  • May 21, 22, 23
  • September 24, 25, 26

With your Birkman Learning Partner Claire Keogh

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* The fee is discounted to £2,050 for participants who received a Birkman profile prior to workshop registration.

Perspectives Report Training

As described in recent Birkman Next communications, Freedom and Challenge will no longer be included in Birkman reports as part of the list of Components. The reason for this is that Freedom and Challenge are best regarded as attitudinal, rather than behavioural, since they describe perspectives that you have about the world and yourself.

But presenting an attitudinal Component as if it was a behaviour, has been a source of confusion for many people (for example, why the Challenge Component didn’t have a Needs or Stress score). Hence, Freedom and Challenge have been removed from the new Signature Report since Birkman International believe there will be improved coherence and consistency across the Component profile. As the Birkman Next project evolves, Freedom and Challenge will be presented separately from the behavioural Components in the more established Birkman reports.

More than this, however, Freedom and Challenge are much more complex scales that are unlike the other Components and we believe they deserve a dedicated training.

This training is designed for those that will use the Perspectives Report as a part of a robust and in-depth coaching relationship with respondents.  The course focuses on using the new scales to help respondents understand the impact of their perspective of self and others. The course will help you prepare to use, analyse and interpret the Birkman Perspectives Report in your consulting practice. 

Course Objectives:

  • Recognize the science behind the four Birkman Perspectives
  • Identify the concepts of Social Norms and Social Desirability and discuss them in different scenarios
  • Describe the terms Distinctiveness, Alignment, Image Management, and Social Acuity and be able to interpret them accurately
  • Recognize the high and low end of each Perspectives scale
  • Use Birkman Component data to add insights into the Perspectives interpretation
  • Recognize when a client is ready to use the Birkman Perspectives Report (This may be only 25% of your clients)
  • Demonstrate confidence providing a feedback using the Birkman Perspectives Report

After completion of this workshop, the new Perspectives Report will be activated in your Birkman account. You will also receive credits to maintain your status as a Birkman Consultant.

The Perspectives Report will be a separate purchase, in BDirect, and is not included in the price of the Signature Suite.  The list price for the report is $124 and the Certified price is $99 per report. 

Pre-requisite: You will be Birkman Certified and, to benefit from this high-level training, you will need to be a regular user of Birkman. Prior attendance on a Birkman Advanced Programme with PN Group, or Senior Certification, will also be an asset. Participants are advised to complete the Birkman Next e-Learning modules prior to coming to class.

The course fee – Price on Application

Payable before the course

2019 Courses:

  • Dates TBA

    With your Birkman Learning Partner Claire Keogh


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