The Application of Influence

Remote Influence

Follow-On Option – One Day

We all know that influuence is most effective in person, face-to-face. Voice tone, small gestures, eye contact, movement, physical proximity – all add power and meaning to the words we use.Yet an ever-increasing proportion of work is being carried out via email, telephone, Skype and teleconferencing.The Remote Influence follow-on programme delivers practical techniques for influencing remotely. It will focus upon building the skills and influence behaviours that are guaranteed to get results when you can’t influence in person.

Negotiation Skills

Follow-On Option – One Day

This one-day workshop identifies the key skills of negotiating, and provides a practical framework for preparing a negotiation. It helps you to work out your tactics, maximise your strengths, use appropriate influence skills to deal with difficult negotiators, and achieve the results you want. The workshop will be tailored to your requirements; whether you wish the content to be generic, product specific, sector specific or international, we will ensure that it works for you.

Leading Dispersed Teams

Follow-On Option – One Day

Whether you manage in a multi-site, international or global organisation, you’ll be aware of the leadership challenges involved in building and developing effective teams from geographically dispersed, and culturally diverse, work groups. With expert input and extensive practical sessions, this one-day workshop covers the fundamental principles, success factors and key influence behaviours related to creating, and sustaining, high- performing virtual teams.

Pitching Skills

Follow-On Option – One Day

Do you regularly pitch for business? Would you like to enhance your approach and stand out from your competition? This highly interactive workshop will transform the way you pitch.

Learn to: 

  • Make presentations short, punchy and memorable
  • Put the clients/audience, and their needs, first
  • Project authority and credibility, and build rapport
  • Position your key messages at the audience’s points of peak attention


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