How is Birkman Different?

There are many useful profiling tools available, but The Birkman Method stands apart from the rest due to its complexity, user friendly reporting and unique features.

We believe it is the best possible tool for the job.


It offers depth and complexity of assessment.

Your Birkman profile, based on your responses to the questionnaire, is presented using four different perspectives

  • Usual Behaviour (effective and productive behaviour in the context of tasks and relationships)
  • Needs (what a person expects from their environment and the people; the factors that enable them to be at their best)
  • Stress Behaviour (the behaviours that can be displayed in conditions where needs are unmet)
  • Interests (the tasks and activities that offer you the greatest satisfaction and sense of fulfilment)

Birkman is the only assessment method to cover all of these elements in unison, contextualising the strengths of an individual within their professional sphere.

The assessment provides a highly detailed picture of an individual’s strengths, the conditions that enable optimum performance and those that may contribute to underperformance.

The Only Assessment
That Uncovers ‘Needs’

‘Needs’ are what a person requires of their environment and the people around them to be at their best. When these are met, people are happiest and most productive. Needs are, therefore, vital parts of professional assessment and Birkman is alone in effectively analyzing and revealing those specific to each individual.

The Product of
Decades of Research

Established over sixty years ago, The Birkman Method has been constantly updated and adapted in line with developments in scientific analysis and psychology.


Birkman draws from positive psychology philosophies. It uses informative and constructive language and remains objective in the presentation of results; never describing behavior as either good or bad, right or wrong.


Birkman is designed to assess individuals and teams from a wide variety of occupations. More than forty different report formats are available, so the assessment results can be tailored specially for each individual.


The Birkman Method is used in over forty countries and is delivered in more than twenty languages making it accessible to millions.

User Friendly

The assessment itself consists of an easy 30-minute questionnaire and in return users receive a complex report that will last them for their whole career. The straightforward multiple-choice questions provide an unmatched level of insight.


About Birkman Method

The Birkman Method is a comprehensive system for assessing personality, social perception and occupational interest.

What Will Birkman Give You

A Birkman report provides a view of the individual through four windows – or perspectives

Using Birkman Method

The Birkman Method has over 40 report formats at the present time, available in 20 different languages.