From the individual to a global organisation, Birkman is effective at developing people, how they work and how they work together, at many different levels. This is possible because, once the assessment is complete, over forty different report formats can be produced, tailored to an organisation’s specific needs. For example, reports can be produced for:

  • Individual – An in-depth report focusing on one person, their strengths and behaviours and how they work with others. A useful tool for the respondent themselves; leadership will also benefit from understanding  what it is this that helps individual team members to be at their most productive.
  • Paired – This focuses on two individuals, how they work together and how their unique skills and motivations can benefit the other. This is an extremely useful report for people who regularly work closely with one another.
  • Group  – Reports tailored to provide detailed information on how an individual works with and relates to a specific group or how all individuals within a group function from the perspectives of Usual Behaviour, Needs, Stress Behaviour and Interests.


What Will Birkman Give You

A Birkman report provides a view of the individual through four windows – or perspectives

Birkman Workshops

Birkman certification training. Often people specialising in human resources, organisational development, coaching, training, and other fields.

What makes Birkman Different?

There are many good, well-designed and useful profilling tools available – so why should you choose Birkman?