Introducing The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method is an advanced assessment method used to understand an individual’s personality, social perception and professional interest.

It is able to assess the complex nature of a person, within the scope of the modern workplace, via a straightforward questionnaire and present the results in an in-depth, but easily understandable manner.

For over sixty years Birkman has been used in this way to help more that 2.5 million people to understand themselves, increase their professional development and enjoy their work.

During this time Birkman has continually changed and developed in line with contemporary research, new psychological discoveries and the dynamic modern workplace.

What is Measured

The results The Birkman Method are presented from four unique perspectives:

  • Usual Behaviour (normal behaviour in the context of tasks and relationships)
  • Needs (what a person requires of their environment and the people around them to be at their best)
  • Stress Behaviour (the behaviours that can be manifested in conditions where needs are unmet)
  • Interests (the tasks and activities that offer you the greatest attraction and satisfaction


Features of The Birkman Method

The Birkman assessment is carefully designed to deliver the most detailed, informative results from a straightforward multiple-choice questionnaire.

Online Assessment

The whole assessment is taken online so can be accessed at any time, anywhere.

Immediate Results

As soon as the questionnaire is complete the Birkman algorithm will produce a report sent to users by their personal advisor.

20+ Languages

Birkman is accessible to millions because of its multilingual questionnaire and reporting.

What Makes Birkman Different?

There are many good, well-designed and useful profilling tools available – so why should you choose Birkman?

What Will Birkman Give You

A Birkman report provides a view of the individual through four windows – or perspectives

Using The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method has over 40 report formats at the present time, available in 20 different languages.

History of Birkman

From pilot school to the corporate world; the story of The Birkman Method.

Become a Birkman Consultant

Learn to become a specialist at developing people with Birkman and become a valuable asset to any company.