Birkman Certified Professional (BCP)

There is no expiration of this certification level, and the designation of BCP may be used indefinitely if earned.


  • As an independent BCP, if you EARN at least 12 BLCs per year ( see below) you are “current” and you gain the following benefits:
  • 20% discount from list price on reports and report sets
  • Continued access to the Signature Suite reporting package
  • Eligibility to participate in Birkman referral programs
  • As an independent BCP, if you DON’T EARN a minimum of 12 BLCs per year, you lose the benefits mentioned above, but still retain:
  • Designation of Birkman Certified Professional
  • Access to Insights, Basics, and Signature reporting packages
  • Access to the Perspectives Report if you previously completed Perspectives Certification


  • As a corporate BCP, there are no benefits to be gained or lost by achieving BLCs, except for your own enrichment as a user. Your organisation will retain access to all (including Signature Suite) reporting packages regardless of whether or not you are “current” on your BLCs.

How do I earn Birkman Learning Credits (BLCs)?

Free ways to earn BLCs:

One experience-based Birkman Learning Credit (EBLC) will be earned for each of the following activities:

  • Leading individual conversations with respondents about their Birkman report. One EBLC can be claimed for every five feedback sessions that you deliver.
  • Leading a team session with a group of respondents for two hours’ duration or more.
  • Mentoring a new Birkman Certified Professional (one EBLC for two hours or more of contact)
  • Volunteering to staff a booth with Birkman staff members at a trade show or convention
  • Participating in research or a white paper including Birkman data/scales that is released to the public
  • Attending a Birkman User Group (BUG) meeting
  • Attending a free Birkman webinar
  • Completing a free Birkman eLearning module in the Birkman Learning System

Each of these activities can be repeated multiple times to a maximum of six free EBLCs per calendar year.

Tracking your EBLCs:

  • Each BPC is responsible for tracking their development activities through the Birkman Learning System prior to the end of each calendar year. 
  • EBLCs gained through attendance at recognized Birkman User Group meetings will be tracked by the sign-in sheets that each BUG leader will send to Birkman International after each meeting.
  • EBLCs though free webinar attendance or completion of eLearning modules will be automatically tracked through enrolment in the session via the Birkman Learning System.


Paid training to earn BLCs:

For official training offered by Birkman, or our authorized Learning Partners, you will earn BLCs at the rate of one per hour of learning in the session or workshop.

  • Birkman-focused sessions of one day’s duration will earn between 6 and 8 BLCs. A two-day event will earn 14 to 16 BLCs. The number of BLCs will vary according to the timetable for each event – check with the Birkman Learning System or the Learning Partner to establish the number of BLCs that will be awarded to attendees
  • For webinars, most earn one BLC for participating live or watching the recorded version of the webinar.
  • For eLearning modules, the BLC credits will be assigned based on the anticipated length of the learning module. These will typically range from .5 BLCs to 1 BLC per module and will be shown in the Birkman Learning System.

All credits earned through workshops, webinars, and eLearning are tracked automatically through enrolment in the session through the Birkman Learning System.

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