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About The People Network

Founded in 2002, the People Network Group (PNG) was set up to deliver extensive leadership and team development programmes for businesses; from SMEs to global enterprises.

Our founders Derek Tree, a people development professional who was part of the team that built the Lloyds Banking Group corporate university, and Claire Keogh, a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, specialising in business psychology and executive coaching, continue to work to provide up-to-date, specialised training methods and assessment to our clients.

We’re the main provider of Birkman and the only Birkman Learning Partner in the United Kingdom. We have used it, since our founding, to deliver the very best staff development across a variety of professions.

What We Do

We coordinate a large team of human development professionals with corporate backgrounds and a wide range of specialist skills.

Birkman Method

To get the best out of people you need the best assessment tool.

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