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The Birkman Method Features

It is an assessment method that helps to define the professional elements of a person’s personality to aid both personal and professional development. The Birkman Method presents a complex personality analysis in a simple, visual and memorable format using a combination of features including colours, symbols, quadrants and scales.

Features of the questionnaire include:

  • Online Assessment
  • 298 questions (250 true-false, 48 multi-choice questions)
  • 30 minutes (average time to complete)
  • Immediate Results
  • Available in over 20 languages


  • I have been working with Birkman as a profiling tool in the UK/EMEA corporate world for a decade and I am still madly in love with this tool. It matches other personality tools by being empirically developed, with validated research and millions of surveys to provide comprehensive, accurate data. And it surpasses any other tool I have used because it has a unique feature – the ability to help each individual employee to recognise their effective, highly productive strengths, and also to identify the environments, conditions and situations which will help them deliver of their best. When clients understand themselves AND the context for being the best they can be, the aha moments are simply amazing – and performance improvements are stratospheric!

    Henry Rose Lee

    Founder & CEO - Talenttio
  • Claire, thank you so very much for a great three days. You did a sterling job in your facilitation, knowledge, motivation, organisation and keeping us all in track! To all It was truly lovely and inspirational to spend three days with such wonderful peers and I learned so much. I left feeling more confident in my knowledge and am looking forward to using the new report.

    Julia Lockett

    Independent Consultant - Bristol, UK
  • Many thanks to Claire, and my fellow participants, for a super course. Excellent input from you, Claire, as always and great to have the opportunity to compare notes with a really experienced group of colleagues. And it was fun too!

    Simon Lawson

    Independent Consultant - London, UK